We are so excited to be able worship together in-person again! If you are wondering what kind of protocols are in place and what guidelines we are following, please check out this PDF from the MB Government.

Our in-person services for this fall are Sept. 27, Oct. 11, 25, Nov. 8, and 22. We’ll be meeting at a new location: the Pat Porter Active Living Centre (10 Chrysler Gate). The doors open at 10am, the service starts at 10:20. We also go Live on Facebook during the message for those unable to attend in-person. *Online services will take place on weeks we are not meeting in-person.


  • Hand sanitizer: As you enter the building, there is a hand-sanitizer dispenser on the right-hand door. There is also one just inside the auditorium doors and one outside the bathroom doors.
  • The auditorium where we’re meeting is straight ahead. Someone will be sitting at a table inside the doors to greet you and check you in (we have to do this every time so we have record of who attended).
  • If there’s a line-up to get into the auditorium, please maintain a physical distancing space of 6 ft between your household and others.
  • Tables/chairs will be set up in the auditorium according to physical distancing standards; 1 table per household or cohort (cohort means you socialize in homes/share meals).
  • On the registration table there will be a plastic bin with activities for the kids (labelled with your last name): take your bin, choose a table! We will have extra bins on hand for visitors. *There will be no separate children’s programming at this time.
  • We will have a toy area set up at the back of the auditorium for toddlers – parental supervision required.
  • Masks: According to facility standards, masks are required in the foyer and anywhere it is not possible to maintain a physical distancing space of 6 ft between you and those outside of your household/cohort. It is recommended that you wear masks until you are settled at your table, and then you may take them off or leave them on.  
  • Congregational singing: Based on the large space we’ll be occupying (and following the protocol of Providence University College and Theological Seminary), if you want to sing, wear your mask! Let there be music! *Worship leaders will not wear masks, but will be leading from a significant distance away from the congregation.
  • Giving: An offering bucket will be available at the registration table or coffee station, but these days we encourage you to Give Online or by E-transfer. See link for options/instructions on giving to Stonehouse.
  • Coffee, tea, and water will be available (paper cups); a designated person will serve. Refills require a new cup. *We are being encouraged not to bring our own beverages into the building.
  • Communion elements will be on your table, having been prepared/laid out by one person.
  • Washrooms are accessible, and can be accessed from the foyer (to the left of the reception desk).
  • Kids under 10 must be accompanied by an adult when leaving the auditorium.
  • Clean up: After the service, we are responsible to sanitize tables and chairs and any hard surfaces we touch and put them away. Sanitizer is provided!
  • At this time, we will not do online pre-registration for services; however this will be a possibility in the future, depending on how many people are attending.
  • As mentioned in the MB Government PDF, please self-monitor and stay home if you are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms. By practicing symptom-free gathering, proper hand-washing, and physical-distancing we significantly reduce the risk of passing viruses to one another. 

Friends, gathering for in-person worship in a new facility during a pandemic, like anything we do as a church plant, will be a learning process! We will make adjustments along the way based on government recommendations and as we determine what’s working and what isn’t. Your patience (and in-put) is appreciated! If you have any questions, contact Pastor Shannon.